year in review 2019 year in review 2019

Year in review (2019)

obviously (for me), the #1 highlight was having launched this very space ➡️! i started it around 1st august and so far, was only able to create 18 posts; also had fun doing the following things -

most important of 'em all though was getting to know some amazing folks from the g suite & apps script community 🎉

here are some of the firsts that i could recall while writing this post -

hacktoberfest 2019
hacktoberfest 2019

on the personal front, i -

  • finally joined twitter (stepped out of facebook)
  • started listening to a ton of podcasts (yet to get on that 'reading books' train)
podcasts i listen to - 2019
podcasts i listen to - 2019
  • got hooked onto obsessively playing chess (online)

as for my plans for 2020, while i don't yet have everything structured, at a minimum i intend to do the following -

  • publish an add-on at the g suite marketplace that solves a real-world problem
  • do more with firebase and integrate it's services (perhaps cloud messaging?) in apps script (so far, have only taken advantage of it's dynamic links and built a url shortener)
  • start cycling back to work (had stopped it about mid-way through 2019)
my fixie - no brakes, no shocks & single speed
my fixie - no brakes, no shocks & single speed
  • get fit! i've definitely gotten a lot out of shape and intend to dust-off that laid back approach on fitness