Link Previews — Privacy Policy

Link Previews's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
Link Previews — Turn links into smart chips
Link Previews — Turn links into smart chips

Your personal data

  • is not shared with any 3rd party vendor
  • does not leave the add-on or the associated Google Cloud project

This add-on does

  • ask you for the respective tool credentials (ex: API keys, bearer token, OAuth) to authenticate the tools you'll need & connect to them
  • makes use of the properties services to store user related data (ex: API keys, bearer token, OAuth credentials, tools voted upon etc.)
  • use the OAuth2 library for Google Apps Script library
  • connects to external services using UrlFetchApp
  • use 4 non-sensitive scopes
  • and 1 sensitive scope


the add-on will make use of a following scopes -

  1. — this scope will be used to get the email of the user accessing the add-on and be mapped against the feature request / new tool suggestions being submitted by a specific user
  2. — this scope will be used to gather any publicly shared info by a user (like your name) to better personalise any communications between the add-on and the respective user
  3. — this scope will help preview links with smart chips from any/all available tools within the add-on
  4. — this scope will detect where the add-on gets installed and also detect the URLs being pasted on a specific Google Doc
  5. — this scope will be used to make API calls to respective tools through which relevant data would be retrieved and displayed as part of the smart chip / link preview


  • Sourabh Choraria - all modes of contact can be found here
  • Email: