Hi - I'm Sourabh. I live in Bangalore, India 👋🏽

While my initial intent to create this space had to do with sharing whatever I've been able to learn about Google Apps Scripts, I don't think that its purpose is restricted to do only that. Its been almost a little over 2 years now from when I first started using Apps Scripts as mere webhooks - thanks to, in large part, for this article that i'd stumbled upon at work - and I'd like to think of myself for having come a long way with the things that i'm now able to build using this simple, yet sophisticated tool.
This is also to say that you might see aspects of this page being constantly updated (or not) and I'll ensure to add appropriate timestamps and edit notes, as required!

Today, it's the 3rd of August, 2019.

A few things before we could get started -

  1. I'm not a coder or a programmer; albeit, I am well skilled in spreadsheets
  2. Almost everything that i do involves intense googling, copy-pasting code from either Stack Overflow, GitHub or some other helpful forums
  3. More importantly, these posts in no way resemble perfect solutions

I will admit that i'm relatively new to all this and from everywhere that i've read and understood so far, much of these free flowing articles seem best where they come across in the form of questions and answers. That's what i'm going to do here - add a bunch of questions with the assumption that that's what you may want to know about & then share my responses.

Why script.gs as the domain name?

Because code.gs - which is what you see when you launch a new Google Apps Script - was taken 😛


How is this website powered?

This segment may require its own space and so if you really want to know, you may read about all the tools i use, here.

What really got you blogging?

I stumbled upon something on Coding Horror's blog that could help summarise this perfectly -

bragging via poorlydrawnlines.com
bragging via poorlydrawnlines.com

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