Twitter for Google Chat — Privacy Policy

Twitter for Google Chat's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

The main idea behind this Chat App was to explore ways in which different, third-party services can be used to integrate within the Workspace ecosystem and Twitter link previews, slash commands seemed like the perfect scenario to go with.

Twitter for Google Chat
Twitter for Google Chat

Personal data

A user's Twitter credentials will be stored in their own instance of authorized script flow via the OAuth2 for Apps Script library using the following function —

  • getService().getStorage()



This following libraries are being used with this app -

  1. OAuth2 for Apps Script — this library is being used to make OAuth 2.0 calls to Twitter's new v2 API that makes use of the Authorization Code Flow with PKCE.


This following scopes are being used with this app -

  1. — this scope will be used to make API calls to Twitter via the UrlFetchApp function.
Twitter for Chat App — Scopes
Twitter for Chat App — Scopes


  • Sourabh Choraria — all modes of contact can be found here
  • Email: