i bet that a very small subset of folks would want to know what tools i've used to keep this site up and running & on that note, lets start from the very beginning -


while some of you might already know, it's among the best places to register a domain besides being known for their suite of other offerings.
i've been a bit of a serial domainer (i know that this is not a real word) from as far back as i can remember so this seemed like a no-brainer.


i'd assume most non-tech folks go with a cpanel based hosting service that almost always allows you to do a one-click setup or a drag/drop customisation but i was inclined to explore how these open source softwares operate and given that cpanels don't really allow you to access (access to?) command level interface, cloud via aws seemed like the most viable option. it also allows to experiment at literally 0 cost (well, for at least the first 12 months 😄).

g suite

while you can technically run google apps scripts without having to purchase a premium g suite account, i'd also wanted to explore tools and features (such as hangouts chat, higher usage limits etc.) that the normal gmail account is not quite equipped with, by default.
currently, i have a single user g suite account so that should keep the costs down to a bare-minimum.


yeah, the name may seem funny at first but ghost is an amazing content management system (cms) that allows you to publish all these pages and articles. think of it as a less popular system as compared to wordpress but more fashionable & sleek.
to be fair though, i may sound a bit biased so here's a comparison between wordpress vs ghost.

sublime text

typically, all that i "code" does not require me to switch between a different text editor than what's provided by google but there are these times where i need to make mass edits and that's where i make the most out of sublime text.
i also use this as my notepad 😅


every time i create a doGet() or doPost() web app, postman is the first place i go. its ease of convenience is uncanny. if i were to be using an api from a 3rd party, i first test its config on postman and then implement the same on apps script.


thanks to ben collins's list of tools page (which is where my inspiration to create a "list of tools" page came from) for having introduced me to licecap. this tool indeed seamlessly allows you to make amazing gifs right from your desktop with an amazingly all-you-need feature built-in.

disclaimer: this list in no way is represented in it's full. i just can't remember all of what i use in one go; will keep updating it as and when things evolve.