Introducing ""

Building a redirect from '' to create a new Apps Script project via user's own Google account.

Introducing ""
Introducing ""


i'm simply redirecting my domain's /new route to, permanently 🎉


in the wake of google's "new" series of domain extensions that literally allows a user to create new resources directly via it's platform (ex:,, etc.) while allowing other brands to do the same (ex:,, etc.), i thought it would perhaps be a good idea for folks to be able to create a new apps script project, just as easily as well.

icymi: i'm obsessed with url shorteners; unlike this setup - which is legit and throws a 301-permanent redirect - i'd also built an open-source url shortener powered by google apps script - which basically looks up the long url stored in a spreadsheet and opens it up on the user's current browser window.

while my first instinct was to visit (singular), it had already been registered with a restriction where its accessible only to those who have a email account* but fortunately (or maybe not), (plural) is currently* available; however, it costs somewhere from US$ 480 - US$ 750 (depending on whichever official domain registrar you choose).
*as on 11 dec, 2019 - this may change in the future

spoiler alert: i didn't buy it - more importantly, couldn't -

Counting Pennies - via GIPHY
Counting Pennies - via GIPHY


i figured given that the domain where i host all my ramblings on (aka this one) is fairly short (& perhaps, a little catchy), i'd rather create a redirect here and thanks to ghost's url routing and redirects, it was extremely simple to create a config that looks something like this -

      "from": "/new" ,
      "to":  "",
      "permanent": true

i might take this down once google has officially launched a short url to create apps script of their own, similar to that of (for?) it's other services/resources.


this also ties into what i'd spoken about in my very first post - disassociating scripts from sheets... & other tools & perhaps could pave way for a more easier involvement for apps script 🤞🏽


  • no! i'm not tracking who creates how many apps script projects and where - google analytics tracks how many hits did receives but that's it (i think)
  • yes! i'm worried this might screw up my site's bounce rate unless i exclude this path (/new) from being indexed (i think) - inputs are welcome, as always
  • this service, in no way, is affiliated to google's official/unofficial offerings - i've set this up on my own accord